Hi, I'm Alisa!

I'm a UX Designer with a love for storytelling and using research to create thoughtful solutions.

My journey to UX Design started long before I knew what it was. I was born in Tokyo and moved to a new country every two years until I was 18 years old. At the time, these transitions felt difficult but in retrospect, I was unknowingly mastering a few core values of UX Design— the ability to understand people of diverse backgrounds, welcoming change without holding onto my ego, being amenable to taking up challenges, leaning on mentors and peers to help guide me, and getting scrappy in order to find the best way to success.

I moved to America to study Media Studies at the University of Virginia and after graduation, landed a Publicist position at a Music PR firm in New York City. I was given the opportunity to execute over 80 press campaigns and learned the value of working side by side with clients to ensure we reach their goal.

Most recently, I acted as the sole liaison in a WeWork building to over 3,500 members. Though I am proud of all the work I did juggling these members' needs, I'm most proud of designing and developing a community COVID poster with the end user in mind. The poster was picked up by C-suite execs and distributed to 800 locations across 120 cities world-wide.

You should know, I'm wild about:

All photos taken by me